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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

During hypnosis the mind is typically more receptive to suggestion. A recent Stanford University medical study showed that a series of events occur in the brain throughout hypnosis, allowing you to learn without thinking critically about the messages received. As a result, hypnosis can help break down barriers that might have prevented a person from losing weight in the past. 

Repetition is important for success and it has been found that recordings of previous hypnotherapy sessions performed on you to listen between sessions can vastly improve the process. Barriers in the mind are strong and through repeated work one can re-frame these once long held habits and beliefs. 

Research suggests that hypnosis is very effective for weight loss, a 2014 study undertaken by the University of Salento in Italy revealed that women trying to lose weight who utilised hypnotherapy lost significantly more weight (and kept it off) than those who tried to lose weight without intervention. The women also reported improved eating behaviour and enhanced body image.

Here are some key reasons why Hypnotherapy works for weight loss:

Resolving emotional issues

Hypnotherapy can help clients with habits and thoughts of underlying psychological issues leading them to detest exercise, have intense food cravings, binge eat or drink mindlessly. The process helps isolate triggers and disarm them. Hypnosis has been widely successful for weight loss because it allows a person to separate food and eating from their emotional thoughts and processes. 

Snacking and overeating

The typical downfall of a person wanting to lose weight is without a doubt snacking and overeating foods which are convenient. With Hypnotherapy, we practice a method that changes one’s typical thought of ‘I see, I eat’ to a more controlled way of eating which sends signals to your brain telling your body that it is full. This can also be helped by mindful eating practices which can have long lasting results on ones eating behaviours.

Portion control

Hypnotherapy can greatly benefit people to make good choices about portion sizes, since overly large portion sizes are one of the biggest factors in weight gain. Our key message is that you don’t have to feel hungry on a regular basis, simply satisfied and being balanced both emotionally and physically are the secrets to success.


Another huge factor in failed weight loss journeys is lack of motivation – or losing motivation along the way. This is quite common and can be a hard mindset to conquer. With our techniques, we will work on that part of the mind and train your habits into long lasting habits, whether it be going to the gym, walking more or simply changing your thinking of what’s possible. So if it’s weight loss hypnosis Melbourne you’re looking for, talk to us!

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