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Use the Innate Power of Your Mind to END Your Smoking Addiction

How To Avoid The “Just One More Cigarette” Trap

I’m not sure how you made it to this page, but I can guess why.

You recently quit cigarettes for the 100th time. But as it always does, something stressful happened at work or in life.

You borrow a cigarette from someone, saying you’ll have “just one more cigarette, this is the last one.”

Pretty soon, every hour, on the hour – you have another craving. Every day another pack. Even in the worst of weather – you find yourself outside with the other smokers, uncomfortably standing outside on an hourly basis.

All the while, you don’t even actually enjoy the cigarette, instead thinking about how it would be great if you could quit.

 Is that really any way to live your life?

 Aren’t you sick of:

  • Smelling like an “ashtray”?
  • Having difficulty breathing at night?
  • Smoking while you are sick and making your disease even worse than it already is?
  • Being winded after running half a block?
  • Constant coughing up disgusting phlegm?
  • Spending a small fortune on cigarettes?
  • Having a short fuse and feeling irritated all the time?
  • Being a “remote controlled smoker” who follows the same routine day in and day out, despite the fact that it is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and definitely NOT what you want?

If so, then I have some very good news for you: your entire life doesn’t have to REVOLVE around cigarettes anymore!

Eliminate The Stress, And Eliminate The Need For That First Cigarette

Imagine that you could remain calm, relaxed, and undisturbed even in the most stressful situations?

No more stress: no more cravings for that first cigarette.

Suddenly, just like that, you are free.

How did it happen?

Introducing The Most Effective Way To Manage Stress… From A Subconscious Level

Hypnosis has a bad reputation with an image of ‘stage magicians.’ But the truth is – it is the most effective way to manage stress that has ever existed. In fact, people even undergo surgery under hypnosis – and they don’t feel any pain.

A lot of my clients have reached the end of their rope. They’ve tried everything else and nothing else has worked. If I could save you at least $5,000 dollars a year and:

  • Give you back your health
  • Help you regain the ability to manage stress in a healthy way
  • Eliminate coughing
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind so you aren’t controlled by cigarettes any more

Wouldn’t that be worth it? Here are some of the real life results you could see:

“I’d like to heartily recommend Minh’s ability to help with hypnosis. I was at my wit’s end with the effort to quit smoking. I had been adverse to using hypnotherapy. Worried about misuse of it did work. I bit the bullet and contacted him after searching for smoking hypnotherapy Melbourne, organised an initial consult all quickly and easily. Minh came and visited at my house. He clearly discussed what I should expect, why or why not hypnosis would work and steps to assist myself.

Now, after three sessions I am not smoking at all. I don’t want a cigarette and on the rare occasion that I do think about smoking, my brain just moves on past it. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this result. I have plans for the future on some other things that I want to change and am looking forward to working with Minh on these.

– Byron”

“I was able to come to Minh for a session after spending almost $150 on smokes a week. 

After the session i immediately felt happy and excited for my future as an ex smoker. 

I have continued to be smoke free and saving over $150 a week put towards good use now and I’m adamant that I went through the best way to stop smoking.

I cant thank Minh enough for his efforts and time in to getting to know my situation and treating my situation to a personal level. 

– Mark Jay”

 If It Can Work For Them, It Can Work For You!

And the best part is – it is FREE to call and talk with me to find out more. I’ll be more than happy to answer every question and concern you have about quit smoking hypnosis.

Only when you are completely, 100% comfortable with the process will we continue to the next step.

Fill in the form below and quit smoking easily and effortlessly – for good this time!

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